MA Seminar

I was approved by FMCS council to promote master thesis for our students. This subject is a seminar focused on infrastructure, but also covers business related subjects.

Distributed OSs

Distributed Operating Systems lecture originally based on A. Tanenbaums book, was changed to keep the pace of labs on which I cover HA and LB systems running in the clouds.

Linux Server Administration

I introduced this course, because many years ago we hadn’t had any  Linux based lectures and labs. It’s not the easiest course, but the one that reveals the insights of  the Internet.

Operating Systems

I’m just running the labs based on the sylabus provided by Stanisław Gawiejnowicz. It’s mostly Linux basics (bash and system programming) with a cmd.exe add-on.

Engineer's Project

This is the moment in your studies when you have to do something that has a real result, and will be your card in job search or the beginning of your start-up.

Computer Networks

I’m trying to show how networks work, by analyzing TCP/IP stack and hardware involved in transmission. We create the project based on network sockets.